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PW 1861 Safe city everyday all ages 100% safety helmet both motorists and passengers nakhon si thammarat provincial police
  1. Wanchai Eakpornpich
  1. Provincial Police Comander, Nakorn Sri Thammarat


Nakhon Sri Thammarat has gotten the budget support from Road Traffic Prevention and Correction at Provincial Level and Thai Health Promotion. Road traffic accident prevention has been carried out using 5 S5 strategies and tactics, especially helmet issues. With the project, Campaigning and law enforcement continued from 2008 to 2014, so that helmet wearing in urban areas could be increased. However, it is not possible to enforce the law in the local area, or the surrounding district. As a result, head injuries do not diminish seriously. 100% helmets: Measures the organization aims to focus on the distribution of helmets in the area, covering four sectors: public, private, local and community. Helmet wearing increased by 50% and reduces the number of severe injuries and death from head injuries in motorcycles. The first month of implementation of the project (under Code 1+4+4) is to provide information to provincial administrators at district level, local districts to create tools for teachers, and 4 months later. (MOU) 4 months later forced the driver’s license to get overlapped, not wearing a visually impaired movie cap. And then enforce the full law. Implementation: According to the expansion project covering 23 districts, 32 stations, 165 sub-districts, 1428 villages. The agreements were signed with 722 government agencies, 181 private sector agencies, 303 local government units, 643 government agencies for a total of 4 region1,843 units. The rate of wearing helmets has increased from 51% in 2013 (Thai Rhodes survey) to 66% in 2015 and 73% in 2017 (survey results of the University). The number of head injuries is expected to decrease from 1435 cases in 2014 to 1323 in 2015. Deaths decrease from 137 in 2014 to 127 in 2015. Injury Surveillance System in the year 2016, the project was extended to Region 8 in seven provinces, resulting in the continuous wearing of helmets in Region 8. Summary, Reviews and Recommendations: 100% Safe City Helmet Program: 100% Safety Measures Highlights in work processes, goals, outcomes, monitoring and evaluation at policy level. Result, the level of practice can be transformed into real work. However, the project is a leader-specific policy. It is sensitive to changing leaders and changing policies.

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