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PW 1858 Road accident prevention network ‘amphur namphong’ in khon kaen
  1. Thitima Saenchot
  1. Namphong Hospital, Khon Kaen, Thailand


Amphoe Nam Phong, Khon Kaen Province is an industrial area which has convenient transportation on both main roads and secondary roads, connecting to other provinces. The rate of road accidents has increased and is ranked number 3 of the cause of death in Amphur NamPhong. Vehicles that caused deaths are motorcycles which accounted for 88.23%. Motorcycle riders with speeding and less likely to wear helmets accounted for 57.8% and drunk driving 29.38% which caused severe injuries on heads of the drivers and caused depression in the brain. Therefore, Amphoe NamPhong along with the participation of many sectors gathers to drive road accident prevention in the area.

Objectives 1. To provide the community of Amphur NamPhong with a system to prevent and solve road accidents. 2. To ensure the participation of the network party in order to drive road accident prevention ‘Implementation of Innovation: Implementation of Innovation Road Accident Prevention Network ‘ Amphur NamPhong’ has 2 activities 1) Setting up goals for collaboration 2) Creating involvement 3) Creating rules/community rules for preventing road accidents. Details are as follows: Study Results: 1. The severity of injury was significantly reduced; rate of injuries and deaths dramatically decreased by 48% 2. Driving habits are as follows: drunk driving decreased by 50% helmets wearing 40% and serious injuries 30% of which mostly occur on the main road 3. Elimination of speeding behavior but the problem is the lack of speeding radar. 4. Innovation contributes to the following three levels of changes as follows: 4.1 At Community level, there is enthusiasm for the concept of ‘accident is for everyone’ and challenges to this concept. Because there was no success for correcting previous problems, but when there are more concrete guidelines, it is possible to accomplish the task. However, there is resistance to the task in some stakeholder groups such as group of traders and some groups of politicians. 4.2 The Change Agent level has been found to be more talkative. Solution guidelines have been set by using data from actual problems through the analysis of all angles. Work has been done more deeply into the community that resulted into more potential in the community along with leadership collaboration and setting community measures using the cultural capital of the area, such as banning on entering the village on the day of the priest. 4.3. Personal level: it takes time and continuity to adjust the risk behavior of people in the community; budget of local government has been set in order to prevent accidents. There are 18 health fund plans, including internal development plan. Solutions to the sub-district administrative and highway district, KhonKaen province. Setting up a budget to repair and develop traffic engineering in Amphur NamPhong to provide people with safe roads to drive. Reviews and Summary: Reflects the participation of various networks to reduce accidents in the community.

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