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PW 1722 What can be done to address an increase in motor-cycle accidents in kenya? a case study of nyandarua county
  1. Maryanne Muriuki
  1. Nyandarua Youth Empowerment Network (NYEN), Nyandarua, Kenya


Kenya, like many other African countries, is experiencing a booming population. The proportion of Kenya’s youth to the population is among the highest globally. With increased competition for resources and opportunities, there is an absence of enough employment opportunities. Many of the young population have turned to motor-cycle industry for self-employment. However, due to reasons such as failure to observe road signs, drunken driving and over speeding, there has been an increase in accidents involving motor-cycle riders. Sadly, a considerable number of these accidents have been fatal. By use of both primary and secondary data, this paper investigates how the County Government of Nyandarua and other stakeholders are responding to this issue. What are the county government’s policies to address the problem? How is the local community dealing with the number of increased accidents and injuries? The paper aims to show why safety promotion and injury prevention is aligned to the implementation and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A safe society is the one whose members have healthy lives and their well-being for all is promoted at all ages. Decent work for all will only be realised in a safe society. In line with the goal of revitalizing the global partnership for sustainable development, the paper aims to propose a solution to the motor-cycle accident menace facing the society. Derivations can then be adopted and applied in similar situations all across the world facing similar circumstances.

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