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PW 1626 Influence of coloured red surface road markings for the motorcycles box and school safety zones
  1. Agah Muhammad Mulyadi
  1. Institute of Road Engineering, Ministry of Public Work and Housing, Bandung, Indonesia


Coloured red surface marking in Indonesia was generally applied at motorcycles box area and school safe zones. The coloured road surface was used to make road user more aware that there are special area on the road that needs more attention. Motorcycles Box was developed to split the queue between motorcycles and other vehicles when waiting at red light. In addition, school safe zones are areas within the vicinity of schools where student and young pedestrians are likely to be present in high numbers. School safety zones were applied to reduce vehicles travel speed around schools.

This paper aims to evaluate the influence coloured red surface markings for motorcycles box and school safety zones. Data collection was taken in Tangerang and Bandung. The data was taken by the surveyor by using traffic counter eqquipment to collect traffic volume data and speed gun eqquipment to collect travel speed data.

The analysis showed that motorcycles box without red marking area was less successful. It was caused by blocked motorcycles access by four wheels vehicles. Most of car driver did not realize there is special area for motorcycles. Consequently motorcycles could not enter the motorcycles box area. Motorcycles box occupancy to the capacity at the motorcycles box without red marking by 13.61% to 43.17%. Meanwhile motorcycles box with red marking are more successful by 56.42% to 70.69% of occupancy rate.

In addition, school safe zones with coloured road surface red markings was able to decrease the travel speed of the vehicle that entered the school safe zone by 29.2% around 32 km/h while school safety zones without red surface marking only decreased the travel speed by 11.5% around 41 km/h. All in all, there are significant influences applied of coloured red surface markings for motorcycles box and school safety zones.

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