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PW 1446 Un decade of action for road safety in nepal a 7 year follow up in nepal
  1. Ashok Ratna Bajracharya
  1. Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon. Capital Hospital, Retd. Founder Executive Director, National Trauma, Center Kathmandu, Nepal


Background UN decade of Action for Road safety was launched in Nepal on same day 11 May 2011 along with 80 nations in world. Seven years down the line, with just 3 years to go, time has come to review the situation to know where stand and way forward.

Method and material Traffic police Accident data since launch till this day were reviewed. These annual date were labeled as first year of launch, then subsequent years as 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th,6th, and 7th years. Annual records are kept in Nepalese fiscal year corresponding from July to July next year of English calendar.

Result Annual data on No. of Accidents, deaths, Serious Injuries, Minor Injuries in First year, 8892, 1837, 4018, 7183 Second year 6172, 1344, 2844, 5607 Third year 4672, 143, 229, 3481 Fourth year 4999, 133, 233, 3642 Fifth year 5668, 166, 275, 3901 Sixth year 5530, 182, 201, 3914 Seventh year 3062, 87, 98, 2071 respectively were found. Road accidents and death toll were declining. From 3rd to 6th year it increased though in lower number. Possible reason is public buses accidents. Serious and Minor Injuries also declined. it can be attributed to several national programs, and Interventional programs by agencies, Traffic police. Yet, lot of actions are pending in National Road safety Action plan to meet the goal. Devastating Earthquake in Nepal 2 years ago and National election, transformation of Government system into Federalism are setbacks.

Conclusion Despite setbacks, challenges, implementation of remaining actions of Nepal Road Safety action Plan must go on.

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