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PW 1354 Software to estimate the speed of a vehicle RTAT runs over a person using monte carlo technique (MC)
  1. Alejandro Bolívar Suárez,
  2. Simón Bolívar Cely
  1. Pedagogical and Technological University of Colombia, Tunja, Colombia


Traffic accidents are still located as one of the leading causes of deaths in the worldwide, in Colombia, this problem is not unrelated and in recent years, the figures are growing, among the main types of accidents are placed the road accidents where it required of tools to help researchers to establish the possible speeds at which vehicles at moments before collisions move; for this, it has developed a software to estimate the speed with which a vehicle runs over a person, when the collision is frontal or lateral. Because in most situations, this type of vehicle-pedestrian collisions turn out to be the most frequent. The Monte Carlo numerical simulation (MC) technique is used, which is widely used when the situations to be investigated involve random variables such as case of traffic accidents, in order to reduce the uncertainty in the value of the estimated speed, making more precise the work of the researchers. Finally, a case of application to a real life situation is presented, where the importance of the designed software can be demonstrated.

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