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PW 1099 Status of road safety in bangladesh
  1. Tonmoy Kumer Dhar,
  2. Engr Atiqur Rahman
  1. Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA), Dhaka, Bangladesh


Bangladesh, officially the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, is a country in south Asia having an area of 1,47,570 Sq. K.M and a population of about 161 million, has about 3.3 million motorised vehicles and could be more than 3 million non-motorised vehicles. About 69% of the motorised vehicles are two and three wheelers and the rest are different categories such as car, jeep, bus, truck, pick-up etc. The number of vehicles is steadily increasing along with the increase of road network. According to the police report of the last five years road accidents in Bangladesh, claim on an average 2300 lives every year. Road accident analysis shows that vulnerable road users are pedestrians, bicycle and motorcycle riders and public vehicle passengers. Main causes of road accidents are over-speeding, overloading, and overtaking by motor vehicles. Unregulated movement of non-motorised vehicles along with motorised vehicles on the same route is also one of the major causes of road accidents. There is an urgent need to take necessary steps for improving road safety environment of the country. In this paper, briefly reviewed some major road safety initiatives in Bangladesh. The key issues of this paper is to evaluate the road safety constraints in Bangladesh and future requirements to reduce the death on road. The magnitude of road safety problems in Bangladesh also been highlighted.

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