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PW 1089 Homeless man … tani’s man
  1. Kritsanol Umaji
  1. Pattani Provicial Police, Pattani, Thailand


It indicates that the outcome resulted in positive changes like cleanliness, fares and road safety performances such as the number of risk points solved or an increase number of motorcyclists wearing helmets prior to the operation. Background The problems include there are more than 600 motorcyclists in Pattani district. However, it is unclear how many motorcyclists are legal with valid driving licenses, smuggling motorcyclists with illegal license plate, cleanliness in queue, fares difference, proper outfit, permitted route including compliance with traffic laws and discipline. Objectives Strengthen member system of motorcyclists in Pattani District as a model for surveillance of road accidents and notify the accidents to rescue team and the police. Participate and contribute to road accident data collection of motorcyclists at the scene of the accident closely on a daily basis. Create a model of motorcyclists wearing helmets and campaign for friends to wear helmets whenever driving motorcycles as well as passengers. Create good relationships with officers and people in the volunteer group to organize the community of Pattani District. 4.Methods Organize an effective management system for motorcyclists, set up cost measurement, divide service zones, responsible for selecting a leader of motorcyclists. Police officers provide knowledge, follow up and report performance periodically. ‘Insights, guidance, integration, follow-up and evaluation continuously.’ 5. Study Results Lead to management system of motorcyclists in Pattani District by clear service zones. Lead to accident database and engage in solving the problem of road accidents, care for accidents scene quickly and in time to help victims in the first place. 6. Review and Summary/Suggestions Road accidents data received from different zones as part of the consideration process. Seek a solution and road accidents, risk points in Pattani District in detail. It is necessary to bring members of motorcyclists to be part of road safety network in order to create a culture of safety by slogan ‘Motorcycle’s pineapple …Tani City.’

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