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PW 1004 Policy imprementation advocacy on child passenger safety with multi-sector collaboration
  1. Minyan (Monica) Cui,
  2. Wenxian Ge
  1. Safe Kids China, Shanghai, China


Background There is no national law on child restraint in China. In Shanghai, the traffic rules also didn’t require child restraint for children before 2017. Safe Kids China worked with multi-sectors to advocate the implementation of the traffic rules on child restraint. Objective: Have child restraint usage into the Shanghai traffic rules.

Method 1) Working with decision-maker influencers to present the facts on child restraint protecting children and local acceptance with surveys and marketing data to decision-makers through small group discussion and the seminar; 2) Building confidence in the decision-makers by presenting parents’ attitude; 3) Reducing the decision-makers’ worries about the correct usage by certified child passenger safety technicians (CPST); 4) Having public awareness campaign.

Results The group discussion and the seminar with experts from multi-sectors such as CDC, police, vehicle and car seat makers, and doctors were held presenting information about the urgency of having child restraint in Shanghai traffic rules to decision-maker influencers. Over 10 000 parents’ supporting signatures were collected, 55 people trained as CPSTs including 5 policemen, and 5 child passenger safety stations were set up, giving child restraint guide. With collaborated of the Juvenile Protection Committee and CDC, the posters were distributed to 1600 kindergarten, posted in one subway line, driver health check stations; with Police, PSA was aired in Public Bus lines and gained one million viewership at social media.

Conclusion In March, 2017, Shanghai issued the amended traffic rules, in which it had the rule that children under 4 riding in a family car must use child restraint. This is the first step, continuous promotion is required to have more strict rules as children under 12 should ride with child restraint.

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