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PW 0871 Development of mohanamai network for improving road safety in the communities: lesson and success of thailand
  1. Boonruang Khaonuan
  1. Thaksin University, Thailand


Thailand has the second highest road traffic fatality rate in the world. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to develop existing systems and build a new mechanism so as to deal with subsequent challenging this problem. The objective of this study is to strengthen the network for management of improving road safety in the communities. The target group includes leaders of Mohanamai Network at the provincial level nationwide, community leaders, and general public in the community. The implementation has been made by means of the information meeting, knowledge sharing, community forum, community-based activities, information retrieval, conclusion, and lessons learned. The implementation period took 13 months from December 2016 – December 2017. The results of the study revealed that Mohanamai is a group of primary public health personnel who take a very significant role in developing the community health system. The said Network gains supports from Thai Health Promotion Foundation and Ministry of Public Health for campaigns, public relations, and community forums for purpose to reduce road traffic injury. In this regard, the information retrieval and knowledge management are the research instruments used for solving road traffic problems at the local level, creating new body of knowledge, especially in road safety culture. Mohanamai Network Project is carried out by means of learning by doing and participatory learning. The arrangement of knowledge sharing forums at both provincial and local level does not only support mutual learning, but also enables other networks to be connected for mutual learning for purpose of dealing with road traffic injury in the community until risk factors become decreased, resulting in various community prototypes for reduce road traffic injury all over Thailand.

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