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PA 03-4-2519 To reduce the burden of road traffic injury by electronic intervention
  1. Er Sunita Verma1,
  2. Eshant Verma2
  1. 1Director, Ministry of Electronics&IT, Government of India
  2. 2IIT Guwahati


Background Epidemiological approach is the best way of research to solve the complexity of multi-factorial etiology of injury. Among epidemiological factors, risk taking behavior of host is difficult to change and sometime other fault may lead to accidents and alteration of environment factor is vast job and a costly affair. So agent/vehicle modification is a cost effective method. Cost effective program can be realized only after evaluation of the program which shows gross reduction of burden of injury as well as of GNP loss.

Objective Electronic intervention for strategic planning of road traffic injury prevention.

Methods For strategic road traffic injury preventive intervention, sensor was developed for vehicle which control speed, identified risk taking behavior of nearby vehicles/object and auto control of speed. Surveillance cameras were also installed at 150 accident prone areas on road for legal intervention to minimized road accident fatality.

Results In India, one death occurs every 2.2 min and over last 20 years, incidence have increased 50.2 times. Direct cost of injury is only 6%, which is tip of the iceberg, but there is 94% hidden indirect cost of traffic injury; whereas in other diseases, visible direct cost is high, 55% in respiratory, 31% in gastrointestinal. After installation of 150 surveillance cameras at accident prone site, at least 20% incidence was reduced as compared to other similar cities. After research work on deploying low cost sensors in vehicles to prevent accidents, automobile manufacturers were contacted for marketing and it will a great achievement if used widely.

Conclusion Use of advanced electronics technology may reduce road traffic accident fatality.

Policy implication After piloting this strategy, it must be made mandatory in traffic rule.

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