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PW 0609 Effects of a speed camera project by automatic speed enforcement system on an urban arterial road at khonkaen city, thailand
  1. Phonphan Tanikasem,
  2. Thaned Satiennam,
  3. Wichuda Satiennam
  1. Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Khon Kaen, Thailand


Khon Kaen’s road safety committee implemented the ‘14 km. Safe Drive Corridor’ project in 2016 to reduce the number of traffic accidents by using automatic speed enforcement system. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the project after being implemented in 4 fields including 1. Traffic speed 2. Speed enforcement law 3. Traffic accident and 4. Traffic psychology. Data were collected into two parts that were primary data (spot speed and questionnaire survey) and secondary data (divers’ speed from automatic speed camera system, traffic accident from hospitals and speed tickets from Highway Police). Data of the first to third purposes were analyzed by using before-after analysis for two years. Another purpose was analyzed by using Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) to develop framework of speeding behavior, using the Structural Equation Model which were explained and compared behavioral models for six months. Results indicate that this project has had the desired effect on road users, especially seen in driver’s speed, as average speed (24 hour.) was reduced by around 6%. Number of drivers used speed over 100 km./hr. that reduced around 52%. This project can help Highway Police issue speeding tickets, the rate of which increased around 7 times. Moreover, number of fatality that decreased around 78% for two years. The last results, the speeding behavior models found that Perceive Behavior Control (PBC) factor was the most significant and highly influential factor, while the Subjective Norm factor was a more significant factor after implementation. Moreover, it found that Past Behavior factor was a more significant and help to explain speeding behavior models and had relationship with TPB factors, especially PBC. The final part outcomes could help to understand effects to speeding behaviors. Conclusion, these outcomes prove the usefulness of this project, and would be beneficial for other areas as well.

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