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PW 0573 Factors relationship on road traffic accident in bangkok from songkran water festival, 2560
  1. Tanya Rodsook,
  2. Amornchai Trikunakornwong
  1. Department of Disease Control, Nonthaburi, Thailand


The road traffic injuries are likely to increase and become major factor of death and disability of the world’s population. In Thailand 2015, road accident was ranked second in the world and number one in Asian. Therefore, traffic accident monitoring can be made aware of factors affecting the accident and accidental violent level. Information about road traffic accident during April 11–17, 2017 (Songkran Water Festival) in Bangkok was studied and affecting factors of road traffic accident was analyzed. The data from road accident showed 2274 cases. Males were more injured than females and 0.7% of deaths were happened during this time. Almost all were motorists, followed passengers, and pedestrians (68.8%, 21.0% and 5.6%, respectively) and 31.3% of cases aged between 15 and 29 years. Motorcycle was the majority vehicle cause of traffic injuries and deaths were 81.5% and 82.4%, respectively. Most of events occurred during 16:01 to 20:00 p.m. continuous to 24.00 p.m. by 17.6% and 13.3%, respectively. In addition, 17.7% injured cases drank alcohol and 43.1% of those not wearing helmet or not fasten seat belt. Also found alcohol drinking, not wearing helmet or not fasten seat belt showed significant higher levels of accident violence than non-drinking and who wear helmet or fasten seat belt. It was more significantly violent accident found on road than other locations. Motorcycles had a higher chance of accident especially in the evening to night-time, which is the time of alcohol selling and easy to drink resulting in inefficiency driving. Therefore, alcohol should be measured frequently during the day and duration of frequently accidental event include it should also have federal agency supporting the cost of alcohol measurements and more signs or symbols installation and speed checkpoint at risk areas. This may prevent and reduce road accidents.

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