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PW 0509 The situation of road traffic injury in suranaree university of technology campus, thailand
  1. Seekaow Churproong,
  2. Waranya Sinjariyanon,
  3. Morakot Suppalaksueksakor,
  4. Niwatchai Namvichaisirikul
  1. Family and Community Medicine Department, Suranaree University of Technology Hospital, NakhoRatchasima, Thailand


Background There are numerous motorcycles for transporting students in Suranaree University of Technology (SUT) campus. The motorcycle accident (MCA) is a grief to student’s parents, friends, and SUT-staff. Road traffic Injury surveillance will help to monitor the situation that might cause the injury and find injury prevention.

Objectives This study describes a magnitude and distribution by time, place, and person of MCA at SUT campus.

Methods This is cross-sectional descriptive study. New cases of MCA who came to the emergency room at SUT-hospital in past 3 years were retrieved from medical records and analyzed. There were 765, 849 and 562 MCA events occurring in 2015, 2016 and 2017 respectively. Based on available in-depth data in 2017, 562 MCA events were analyzed and described by time, place and person using descriptive statistics. Findings: 229 (40.7%) events were males and 333 (59.3%) were females. The most age of injured was 19–21 years old. 79.9% were the motorcycle riders and 19.4% were sitting behind the rider. However, the injuries usually occur during the month of September to October, and during the day of Wednesday to Friday. Specifically, most road traffic injuries have happened at 3–6 pm., and the accident tends to occur on the campus (89.7%).

Conclusion The results of the situation of road traffic injury help to promote SUT-student leaders for pre-hospital management, traffic engineering control, increasing bus transportation and security surveillance. Finally, SUT students should have self-awareness during use the motorcycle and passed the licensed driver.

Policy implications These measures attempt to implement for SUT policy in the further year.

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