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PA 20-5-2286 Cause and consequence of poisoning cases in a tertiary level teaching hospital in bangladesh
  1. Farah Naz Rahman
  1. International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (ICDDR,B), Mohakhali, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Poisoning is a common causes of deaths and hospital admission in developing countries. Thorough studies are needed to cease it’s progress as an emerging public health problem. The objective of this study is to identify the cause, pattern and consequence of poisoning cases admitted in Medicine Department, Mymensingh Medical College Hospital- a tertiary level hospital in Bangladesh. All poisoning cases admitted in the month of September, 2015 were evaluated prospectively. Data were collected from the case records utilizing a pretested checklist. Data on Socio-demographic characteristics of poisoning cases, type of poisoning with reasons, treatment history and outcome of management were collected and analyzed. There were 107 (3.4%) cases of poisoning out of 3112 patient admitted in Medicine Department. Of all the poisoning cases 60.7% were aged between 25- 45 years, 77.5% were male. Most of the poisoning cases were admitted due to pesticides (91.5%), and about 90% of the cases occurred due to suicidal intention. Before admission in tertiary level hospital, 62% patients received treatment from primary or secondary level hospitals. About 79% patient reached to hospital within 1–3 hour since poisoning. Case fatality rate was 15.9%. Among the fatal cases 58% reached hospital after five hours of poisoning. In a developing agro-based country like Bangladesh, pesticides play a major role in poisoning, mainly in rural areas. Poisoning victims are mainly of the productive age group, which ultimately poses a grave social consequence. Delay in seeking proper medical care was an important cause of fatality of poisoning cases.

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