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PA 01-8-0567 Serving the united states fire service with safety culture data: dissemination of results
  1. Jennifer Taylor,
  2. Andrea Davis,
  3. Lauren Shepler
  1. Drexel University, Philadelphia, United States


Background The Fire Service Organizational Culture of Safety (FOCUS) survey is a previously validated tool that is a negative predictor of injuries and burnout, and a positive predictor of work engagement and job satisfaction. 10 000 respondents from over 130 fire departments participated in its development and received a customized report illuminating their results.

Objective We will describe the research-to-practice initiative that returned data to participating departments. We will specifically describe the dissemination and evaluation of FOCUS consultations. An examination of how FOCUS data are helping the fire service lead, supervise, and organize their work environment around safety will be presented. We will summarize the barriers and facilitators faced when sharing safety culture data (e.g. labor-management relationships, organizational readiness-to-change, and the occurrence of a traumatic event).

Methods Using a business analytics platform, we produced standardized data reports for each participating department. Participants received one-hour phone or video conferencing consultations to review their data, give input on its utility, and provide ideas for report improvement. We gathered data on effective strategies to return results to partners, challenges discovered during dissemination, acceptability of data visualization, and evaluated the consultations.

Findings The business analytics platform provided an efficient method to return results, creating scalability and impact while reducing data preparation person-hours. It allowed us to rapidly expand content and create ad-hoc reports on demand. The consultations revealed an enthusiasm among the fire service because it had never seen data like these. Participants felt that the consultation facilitated their data comprehension and reported feeling confident about using these data to maintain or improve safety culture. FOCUS will advance fire service injury prevention through data visualization to understand, maintain, or change the culture that creates safety.

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