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PA 17-3-2471 Machine related injury in bangladesh – findings from a nationwide cross-sectional survey
  1. Mohammad Jahangir Hossain,
  2. Animesh Biswas
  1. Centre for Injury Prevention and Research, Bangladesh (CIPRB), Bangladesh


Background Globally machine injury is a significant cause for mortality, morbidity, disability and hospital admission. Statistics of machine injury is not available in Bangladesh due to the lack of proper recording. For this study data was extracted from Bangladesh Health and Injury Survey (BHIS) 2016.

Objective The objective of this study was to explore the machine related injury in Bangladesh.

Methodology A nationwide cross-sectional survey was carried out during March- June 2016 among 2 99 216 rural and urban populations. By using multi stage cluster sampling method 16 districts and 8 city corporations were selected for the survey.

Results The incidence machine injury was 249.7/100,000 population (95% CI 232.2 to 268) per year. The rate was 5.25 times higher in males than in females (RR 5.25; 95% CI 4.316 to 6.386). Rural people were at more than 1.18 times greater at risk (RR 1.8; 95% CI 1.016 to 1.382) than the urban population. Among the injured 14.5% were children. Daily laborers, agriculture workers and service providers were the main victims of machine injury and 41% of the injury occurred in the industrial setting followed by agriculture field (22%). Among the causalities 66.3% sought medical treatment in different health facilities and of them 9.4% hospitalized. The average costing for treatment was $420. The mean work-days loss was 11.43 (SD +19.6) days. Permanent disability rate was 12.03/100,000 population-year.

Conclusion Machine injury is a considerable cause of illness among the Bangladeshi population as significant number of population injured annually due to machine. Compare to urban population rural populations are more vulnerable. Male are higher at risk than the female. Significant portion of the victims are children. To reduce this health issues, national strategy and preventive measures are needed to be developed.

  • Machine injury
  • epidemiology
  • incidences
  • Bangladesh

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