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PA 14-7-2776 Action research development process of the collaborative fall prevention practice model among the thai community-dwelling people with visual impairment : the integrated holistic eye care setting
  1. Penpimol Yingyong
  1. Mettapracharak (Watraikhing) Hospital, Nakhonpathom, Thailand


Purpose To study the collaborative fall prevention rehabilitation care program among the Thai community-dwelling people with visual impairment.

Design Prospective cohort.

Setting The Mettapracharak (Watraikhing) Cohort Study.

Participants A total of 477 visually impaired referred from the remote provinces to the Mettapracharak (Watraikhing) hospital during January 2013-December 2016.

Outcome measure The quality of life and the participants’ satisfaction after completion the fall prevention rehabilitation care program.

Results The fall prevention rehabilitation care processed the analyzed cause of the falls and the fall assessment form patterns evaluation. The guideline content for the implementation was quantitatively and qualitatively planned with their index validity 0.81 and 0.94 respectively. The multidisciplinary community-based rehabilitation service network approach was performed by this program. After three months program implementation, both the quality of life and satisfaction measure revealed moderately high effect sizes.

Conclusion The rehabilitative team providers and the visually impaired could significantly improve their skills to prevent fall with their satisfaction. This cooperative network services rehabilitation outcome was likely to appropriate to the Thai society context. The training coordination and the education of the people should be involved in all sectors including the public health care and the target caregivers to accomplish the fall prevention.

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