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PA 14-2-1550 The evaluation performance of merit maker drowning prevention of chulabhorn district nakhonsrithammarat
  1. Amata Junpan
  1. Nopphitam District Public Health Office, Nopphitam, Nakhonsithammarat, Thailand


This descriptive study aims to evaluate the performance of Merit maker’s operation to prevent drowning in Chulabhorn District. The data was collected since January 1, 2015 to June 30, 2017 by using the CIPP model of Stufflebeam and analyzed using frequency, percentage and content analysis.

The result show that: Drowning was number one cause of deaths in Thai children under 15 years old. From 2008 to 2016, Chulabhorn district experienced 9 drowning victims; 4 of them aged under 15 years, 42 risk water sources. For solving problem used Merit maker’s drowning prevention guidelines by Merit maker team. Curricular and guideline were created for teaching a Merit Maker. So they could transfer knowledge and skills to a specific target groups in schools and communities. Roles of them collaborated with key organization, running a program to prevent drowning by carried out situation analysis of drowning and distributed crucial information to all levels of administration and management. Then it is district health policy and operate by the District Committee for Disease Control in order to educate the participants for cooperate and implement their own roles. During 2015 to 2017 provided safe places 80% of the risk water resources and 100% of children’s center were managed. 100% educated drowning prevention in the health center, the schools and the community. There were 1133 people and children 6–14 years old, who learn to swim for survival and resuscitate; after learning 81.5% of them had more knowledge and survival skills. No deaths drowned in 2015–2017 and one drowning survivor. Chulabhorn Team certified by the national assessment criteria drowning prevention the silver level in 2015 and expanded to other areas.

Continuous and sustainable drowning prevention requires the Merit maker to driven all stakeholders involved to share resources and to be taken in their roles.

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