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SM 04-2037 Idb based risk analysis of trampoline accidents for a prevention campaign in germany
  1. Gabriele Ellsäßer,
  2. Sandra Gottschalk
  1. Department of Health, State Office of Occupational Safety, Consumer Protection and Health, Brandenburg/Germany


Background There are numerous data gaps in the official statistics in Germany on accidents – not providing information on the circumstances of the injury and products involved. In Germany, the IDB includes the product involved and the doctor’s narrative of the injury event. In 2016 we investigated specifically product related accidents among children under 5 years and found that 80% of all injuries are product related. Looking at the products involved we observed that trampolines account for rank 5 in accidents in playgrounds and rank 4 in the home. The objective of the study is to investigate trampoline accidents in detail to define targeted prevention measures.

Method Retrospective case analysis of 18,343 medically treated injuries in the under 18-year-olds in 2008–2016. Trampoline injuries were counted when a trampoline was named as a ‘trigger’ or a ‘causing’ factor (N=137).

Results Average age of the injured children 7.3 years (girls 52%, boys 48%). Trampoline accidents show two age peaks: in 2-year-olds and 9 – 10-year-olds. 30.7% occurred in young children (<6 years). The most frequent locations of trampoline accidents are ranked as followed: 1. outdoor homes, especially the garden, 2. leisure area (playgrounds, sport halls, leisure parks), 3. educational institutions (according to age group kindergarten and schools). The most frequent accident mechanisms have been: 55.0% falls, 31.4% jumping on a trampoline, 8.8% collision with person. Every second trampoline accident resulted in a serious injury and required inpatient treatment. Nearly every second trampoline accident resulted in fractures. The most frequent injured body parts were:

  1. forearm,

  2. upper arm,

  3. lower leg,

  4. upper leg.

Conclusion Based on the results of the IDB the Association of Paediatric Professionals will start an information campaign: why trampolines are specifically dangerous for the under 6-year-olds and advising against using a trampoline indoors or outdoors for children under 6 years.

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