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SM 01-2347 Darpi: innovations in injury prevention science
  1. Karin Mack
  1. Centers for Disease Control, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Atlanta, GA USA


The Division of Analysis, Research and Practice Integration (DARPI) was established in 2013 and has been fast at work to grow a base for the intersection of science and action and to build the case for a systems perspective. We argue that population level reductions in injury-related morbidity and mortality is rarely achieved by simply multiplying the scale of a prevention program that has been shown to be efficacious under controlled research circumstances. More often population level impact is achieved by starting within the public domain and designing complex solutions to complex problems using existing social infrastructures and institutions. Populations are complex, and local involvement is critical to the success of population-based interventions. Effective action to prevent injury requires orchestrated support from societal leadership. The value of this perspective has started to emerge through a directed portfolio of projects, products, and change activities. High quality and innovative activities have launched a platform to consider population level change to reduce injury related morbidity and mortality. Accomplishments to date include publications (including three journal supplements), webinars, workshops, and a new frame for practice products and tools. Presentation will cover the findings from these accomplishments, but will also delve into how these results move the science of injury prevention forward.

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