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PW 2574 Applying data mining & checklist method for disaster resilience planning
  1. Jayandran Mohan
  1. Vel Tech Rangarajan Dr. Sagunthala RandD Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai, India


According to International Labor Organization (ILO) C174 – Prevention of Major Industrial Accidents Convention, 1993 Article 9 (i) the preparation of effective site emergency plans and procedures should be maintained. Disaster resilience refers to a community’s ability to anticipate, and where possible, prevent or at least minimize the potential damage a disaster might cause. It involves how well a community can cope with the effects of a disaster if it occurs, to maintain certain basic functions and structures during the disaster, and to recover and adapt to the changes that result. The Challenge is, while doing resilience planning the required factors to be exactly identified, accordingly strategies to be planned. In this Paper, Disaster Resilience Planning and modeling of Disaster Resilience Plan for Flammable Gas Leak and Explosion by applying checklist strategy has drafted using Checklist method.The different factors related to disaster can be grouped easily which helps to generate report for different emergency scenarios. The challenges involved in Disaster Resilience Planning can be resolved and Resilience report for different disasters can be easily prepared.

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