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PW 2868 Azerbaijan medical team on rescue operation after bam earthquake 2003
  1. Rustam Talishinskiy
  1. Scientific Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics, Baku, Azerbaijan


44 countries had participated on rescue operation after Bam earthquake (Islamic Republic Iran) on 26 dekabr 2003. 12 Azerbaijan doctors- volonteers, 2 paramedics and 2 nurses went to Bam after order of Chamber of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic.

Also two platoons of Civil Defence specialists completed rescue team. There was Advanced Medical Post started their activity on crossroad of Bam city. Advanced Medical Post was opened on 27 December and finished their functions on 31 December 2003. Medical Team doctors used triage of emergency patients similar to START (Simple Triage and Rapid Treatment), but there wasn’t a huge surge of patients day after earthquake. Medical Team’s doctors widely used physical examinations and consilium which gave us a chance to invite colleagues from neighbor Turkish Advanced Medical Post to discuss difficult cases.

Main procedure which was done in Advanced Medical Post was primary surgical wound debridement. This prosedure was done on 276 cases. It was possible to check 243 patients on 5 days duration period. 237 patients had primary healing of their wounds. It consist 86% from 243 cases monitored during 5 days. Only two patients with polytrauma were evacuated in local emergency field hospitals. Medical Team’s professional immediate care made a positive difference in patient’s outcome after disaster.

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