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PW 2331 Energency preparedness plan for indian construction industries (asper ISO-14001 & OHSAS-18001)
  1. Ganesh Lande1,
  2. Narayanam Narasimha Murthy2,
  3. Srivani Narayanam2
  1. 1DY Patil Management School, Pune
  2. 2Jagruthi Kiran Consultants, Nagpur, India


Background Industrial safety is a priority issue attracting everybody’s concern in order to provide a working environment, which is safe for the work force. Efforts, money is spent to reduce the scale and probability of hazards in industries. However, there remains a finite possibility that certain hazards may occur. They can and have given rise to suffering and damage the extent of which is in part determined by the potential, for loss surrounding the event.

Objectives Of the emergency plan is to define the action to be taken at departmental level, at Project site level, these actions aim at the protection of the people and property within the works boundary and outside. 1) Assignment of specific responsibilities to all categories of personnel (Main duties of personnel involved in emergencies). 2) Effective communication of the nature of emergency to organization authorities. 3) Institutions of works emergency action. 4) Public relations.

Results 1) Objective control and Preventive control. 2) Reduce risk to human health, life both within the works boundary and outside. 3) Minimize damage to property both within and outside boundary. 4) Liaison effectively with Government 5) Authorities/Public/Press to avoid panic situation, public disorder. 6) Environmental protection. 7) Reduce number of near-miss accidents.

Conclusions A major emergency occurring at works, is one that may affect several departments within it and/or may cause serious injuries, loss of life, extensive property damage or serious disruptions outside the works. By adopting an Emergency Preparedness Plan for

Construction Industries, risk can be minimized and human injury, fatal accidents, deaths can be reduced.

  • Emergency Preparedness Plan
  • Construction Industries
  • India

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