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PW 1473 Association between survival rate and complication in trauma patients after implementation of prehospital trauma life support’s principle of phramongkutklao emergency medical service
  1. Orachat Silanuwat,
  2. Nat Krairojananan
  1. Department of Trauma and Emergency Medicine, Phramongkutklao Hospital


Background The important part for improving outcomes of trauma patients are the effective of pre-hospital management; accurate assessment, proper management and early transport to an appropriate trauma center. The principle of Platinum-10; total on scene time for patient assessment and life-threatening resuscitation within 10 minutes giving better outcome of trauma patients is described in Prehospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) course. This principle has been introduced to Phramongkutklao Emergency Medical Service (PMK EMS) since January 2016. The data were recorded to analyze between before and after the platinum-10 principle implied to PMK EMS.

Objective To study association between outcome of trauma patients with on-scene management time and outcome of trauma patients after apply PHTLS’s platinum-10 principle to PMK EMS.

Methods Retrospective cohort study of all trauma patients who treated by PMK EMS and transported to Phramongkutklao hospital with Injury Severity Score (ISS) ≥10 from January 1, 2014 to July 31, 2017 to find association between 10 minutes on-scene time and trauma patients outcome; mortality rate and complication usingchi-square tests at 0.05 significant level.

Results There were total 37 patients in this study. The results revealed the on-scene time <10 minutes associate with improved trauma patient’s outcome by reducing mortal rate (P-value=0.031) and in the higher ISS associated with higher mortality rate (P-value=0.002). The study showed no difference outcome of trauma patients comparing before and after apply PHTLS’s Platinum-10 (P-value>0.05). But data show the less on-scene management time in after applying group.

Conclusions The on-scene management less than 10 minutes improved trauma patient’s outcome; lower mortality rates and complications. The practical use of PHTLS platinum-10 minutes escalated the standard of care for trauma patient of PMK EMS.

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