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PW 1235 The accessibility of public health services in elderly with functional dependence during emergency illness
  1. Thassanee Soontorn1,
  2. Praditporn Pongtraing1,
  3. Orapan Thosigha2
  1. 1Suratthani Rajabhat University, Meaung, Suratthani, Thailand
  2. 2Mahidol University, Salaya, Nakhon Pathom, Thailand


The qualitative study aimed to explore the accessibility of public health services in elderly with functional dependence during emergency illness from the caregivers providing care for elderly with functional dependence. There were 10 families and 20 community partners participating and had been interviewed in the study. Data collection using face-to-face interview and focus group interview techniques for conducting the data from the informants. The study data was analyzed by content analysis. The study was found 3 main reasons from caregiver’s perspective regarding the ability of accessing to the publish services in elderly: 1) Delay in referring elderly to healthcare services. The study was found the significantly hinder factors; (1) inconvenient road and (2) inadequate for a number of refer vehicle, 2) Increase of daily expense due to working suspension in caregivers and (3) Cultural concern about feeling disgraced by requesting the Emergency Medical Services.

In addition, data from the focus group which emerged from the community stakeholders’ views can be found that the factors relating to inaccessibility of publish services in case of emergency condition in elderly was explained into 3 issues as follow; 1) Inadequate for a number of refer vehicle, 2) Lack of key person who can taking care of elderly during refer elderly to the public services and 3) Insufficient budget for help and support elderly to access the public services during emergency services.

According to the situation, it became a power of awake awareness for community discussion and find out the way for resolve that problems. Community actions established to build communities’ capacity through participations among 3 government agencies to be a leader; the Tumbon health promotion hospital, community leaders and community developers Sub-district Administration organization.In addition, community participation under the particular context can also be effectively use for helping patients from other illness as well.

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