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PW 0589 Development of tracking system for identifyingstroke and stemi risk patient group: a case of emergency medical service system
  1. Pheeradetch Samroumram
  1. Sangkhom Hospital, Sangkhom District, Udonthani province, Thailand


This project is System development for smartphone user that include Android Operating System and has Global Positioning System tracking inside. This development can identified the coordinating device for real time by sending location via 3G cellular phone signal.The target of this development is software system intregration for semi-automatic using in smartphone and demonstrating the software system. Target group of this project is STROKE and STEMI risk group patients in case of helping need for the Emergency medical service system that live in countryside in Noth-Eastern of Thailand and cover by 3G cellular phone signal. Volunteers in this project are patients who live in Amphur Sangkhom include Ban Khok canton, Sangkhom canton, Hin-ngom canton, Ban-yuad canton, Chiengda canton and Na-sa-art canton. There are amout 32 volunteers. These volunteers used smartphone that installed the development application name iEMS application to send coordination and orther data to this project website. These results show that thirty coordinates and orther data signal can show icons on google map on project’s website. Tracking all volunteers that show on project’s website could found by Sangkhom emergency medical service team.

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