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PW 0410 Adressing the burden of orthopedic trauma and categorically identifying the pattren of injuries presenting at trauma center civilhospital karachi-pakistan
  1. Abdul Qadir,
  2. Badaruddin Sahito,
  3. Maratib Ali
  1. Civil Hospital, Dow University of Health Sciences Karachi – Pakistan


This study was executed to address the burden of orthopaedic trauma presenting in Trauma Centre Civil Hospital, Karachi Pakistan.500 bedded Trauma Centre is serving all kinds of trauma 24 hours a day. This Study also presents the pattern of injuries categorically, that we are encountering in daily emergency. This descriptive study was conducted from Sept 2017 to Dec 2017. The study was conducted on 2850 patients of all age group, which makes an average of 30 patients per day, including 1957 males (68.7%) and 893 females (31.3%).Among the total, the number of patients of paediatric age group(1 to 12 years) were 942 (33.05%).Most traumas occurred due to Road Traffic Accidents 2193 (76.9%) and other occurred at home 657 (23.05%). Majority of patients were brought by ambulance service with any first aid given. The patients with single bone closed fractures including clavicle fracture 180 (6.31%), humerus neck and shaft fracture 83 (2.91%), supra-condylar humerus fractures 355 (12.4%), radius/ulna shaft fracture 90 (3.1%), collese fracture 389 (13.6%), Neck of Femur fracture 56 (1.96%), intertrochanteric fracture 62 (2.1%), Femur shaft fracture 186 (6.5%),fracture of tibia/fibula 133 (4.6%) and Bi-malleolar fracture 45 (1.57%).The patients which suffered from joint dislocations like shoulder 48 (1.68%), elbow dislocation 17 (0.59%), Hip dislocation 22 (0.77%) were also addressed. Some patients were having severe injuries including multiple fractures, major contaminated open wounds, traumatic amputations, crushed limbs or with head injury 43 (3.06%). This study is categorizing the pattern of injuries selectively with all parameters. For the betterment and decrease of burden, traffic violation should be taken under consideration. People should be acknowledged about how to provide first aid and the mode of transport should be improved.

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