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PW 0391 Complicated tibial plateau fractures in young patients: functional outcome with dual plating via 2­incisiontechnique experience of two public sector hospitals of karachi pakistan
  1. Abdul Qadir,
  2. Mohammad Muzammill
  1. Civil Hospital, Dow University of Health Sciences Karachi – Pakistan


Motorbike accidents contribute one of most important factor of fractures in Pakistan This prospective study was designed to evaluate the functional outcomes of dual plating via a 2­incisions technique for the fixation in young patients. This prospective study include 94 cases of Type V and VI Tibial plateau fractures of young patients operated between January 2014 and Dec 2016. Exclusion criteria include patients with multiple fracture on same side or same bone, age more than 45 years, open contaminated fracture and patients with head injuries. All cases were operated either by lateral locking plate fixation by anterolateral approach or double plating through double incision. All cases were followed for a minimum of 24 months radiologically and clinically. The statistical analysis was performed using software SPSS 20.0 to analyse the data. A total of 94 patients (45 Single Plating and 49 Dual Plating) were operated during the study period of two years. Both groups were somewhat similar in relation to the age, mechanism of injury, fracture pattern and soft tissue injury. It took approximately 4 to 5 months for the fractures to get united. There was no mal-union, non-union or implant failure seen among those patients. There were 10 cases with superficial infection. A total of 38 (77%) patients in a double plating group regained full flexion (135°) and full extension (0°), seen in 30 (66%) patients at follow-up. Dual plating by two incision method resulted in better functional outcome regarding limb alignment and range of movements.

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