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PW 2802 An imaginary world for safety
  1. Jonnabhotla Usha Rani1,
  2. Jonnabhotla Nageswara Sarma2,
  3. Gundavajhala Sunanda3,
  4. Jonnabhotla Naga Ananda Vamsee4,
  5. Jonnabhotla Naga Lalith Shashank5
  1. 1Finance and HR Consultant, Quality Technologies Private Limited
  2. 2BEL, (Retd, AGM)
  3. 3PMP Certified
  4. 4Baylor University, Texas
  5. 5Rockwell Collins


We aimed at prevention of injury under the sub-theme 2, Unintentional Injury caused due to road traffic. This model prevents heavy traffic and our studies can be extended to avoid worldwide traffic congestion. Though we cannot find the substitute for wheel we can run the vehicles in airways through ropeways. People who travel through ropeways will have a feeling of swing that helps for all age groups to increase their potential energy. These ropeways are to be fixed at least 15 to 20 feet height from the ground. And these ropeways run by solar power. This is one of the safest methods that promote safety and avoid injuries for people moving on roads and air. By fixing net under every ropeway we can avoid unintentional injury. Yes, we agree that it’s an expensive proposition but large car manufacturers can divert their investments for the construction of ropeways instead of manufacturing cars. We designed a specific model for road safety through roadways, ropeways for people using own vehicles, pedestrians, children and old age people including emergency services. It’s a research project that we planned with an idea to prevent injury. In our analysis and findings, we specified the details of implementation of this project with all financial and technicalities. Before concluding, we included an outline of this model that justifies the legal and social security limitations and constraints. This model benefits us in avoiding pollution and accidents. This paper also highlights the strategies/policies within the framework of corporate governance and corporate social responsibilities.

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