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PW 2505 UL education & outreach: an innovative approach to youth safety education & empowerment
  1. Cara Gizzi
  1. Underwriters Laboratories, Northbrook, IL, USA


Delivering safety education at global scale is a daunting task considering the multiple causes and social and economic contexts of unintentional injuries and death. Despite the challenge, delivering quality safety education is a proven way of reducing preventable injury and death, especially in youth. As such, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has committed itself to building global safety education programs targeted towards youth.

Considering the complexities of addressing unintentional injuries and death through education at a global scale, UL developed a partnership approach for the production and distribution of safety related educational materials. This approach has yielded a model for partnerships across both private and public sector organizations. The model includes (1) developing key safety science partnerships, (2) co-creating engaging content with partners, and (3) leveraging multiple channels (both public and private sector) for content delivery. This presentation showcases the model in various contexts through three case studies – exposing successes and lessons learned from application.

The first case study demonstrates how the model was applied to Safety Smart®, a program produced in partnership with The Walt Disney Company and distributed through various channels and strategic partnerships including the French Fire Federation, Chicago Police Department, New Zealand SCOUTS and 30+ others. The second case study examines XPLORLABS (, a teen safety and STEM education program implemented through partnerships with UL’s Firefighter Safety Research Institute researchers and formal education specialists. The third examines how this model was applied to developing the UL Innovation Education Award in partnership with the North American Association for Environmental Education and local formal and informal education organizations across North America.

Through these case studies, this presentation explores lessons learned on how the partnership model functions to deliver safety education materials at scale.

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