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PW 2405 Case study: safety and health culture from book to practices among students in chemical laboratories in dibrugarh university
  1. Hanan Mohamed Fathy Elnagdy
  1. PD researcher, Dibrugarh University, India


Recognize the level of knowledge among students in OSH issues in general and related to lab works. Realize the OSH practices through the daily lab work; identify the reasons of weakness between studies and practices. (Translate the knowledge to practice) were been the objectives of case study. The methodology was started with a simple questionnaire to realize the level of occupational safety and health knowledge among the scientific master students in Dibrugarh University. Secondary was the visitation to the lab during working hours to investigate the safety precaution level special under stress, followed by open discussion with lab employees to declare they have any knowledge about safety in lab or just care about their job only. As Discussion part, The education system support the students some information about how to deal with unsafely chemicals, also replace the unhealthy to green or safety chemicals. The students almost understand the information, but once the work special when the lab hours almost at the end and they try to finish their practices or during the exams the mistakes are coming up and unsafely behavior appears. The accidents are not severe, just small injuries. The positive point is the 80% of the time the lab floor is so clean so no water on the floor, so really falling accidents were happened Conclusion: Stress and pressure work are the main reason for increase unsafely behaviors among students. Students should learn how to avoid stress during rush hours. Find a way to avoid the stress work hours by rearranging the time table of students and lab works.

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