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PW 1470 Safe home safe kids: public private partnerships to increase fire safety awareness among children and parents
  1. Cinthia Pinto
  1. Safe Kids Foundation, India


Background As per WHO report, an estimated 2 65 000 deaths every year are caused by burns. A study conducted by Safe Kids Foundation in 2015 shows that around 76 000 children below 14 years of age had burn injuries in Pune in one year alone. 64% of these burn injuries happened at home a place we consider to be the safest.

Methods ‘Safe Kids at Home’ an interactive educational program on preventing fire and burns to children below 14 years of age was launched in Pune in 2015.

Objective This educational program aims to prevent fire and burn injuries to children and aspires to make Pune a model ‘Safe Kids at Home’ city in India by bringing together citizens and civic agencies to drive a strong safety culture in the city in line with the Indian Government’s 100 Smart Cities vision.


  • Till March 2018, the program educated 4 25 000 students from 1077 schools and 2 50 000 parents from 244 communities.

  • Pioneered the formation of 300 model fire safe schools and 100 model fire safe communities in Pune.

  • The program won ’Excellence in Home Safety – Global Award 2017’ a top honour among 30 countries for its outstanding work and public-private partnerships.

  • The program received nationwide recognition from Chief Fire Adviser, Government of India, recommending the program curriculum for use by fire departments across 36 states and union territories in India.

  • Safe Kids Foundation along with Pune Fire Department pioneered the formation of Fire Marshals and trained over 600 fire safety volunteers in Pune.

  • Created a strong stakeholder eco-system consisting of Municipal Corporations, Fire Department, Education and health departments.

Conclusions Through a strong public private partnership the program hopes to save the lives of many more children from preventable injuries by making every home a safe home and Pune a safe city in India.

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