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PW 1392 Sports injury among adolescent boys: an epidemiological study in dhaka metropolitan city
  1. Kabir Hossen1,
  2. Saidur Rahman Mashreky1,
  3. Anupam Hossain2
  1. 1Centre for Injury Prevention and Research Bangladesh
  2. 2Sports Vision 2020


The increasing trend of sports injury among the high school footballers and other sporting activities remain a matter of concern. The Study was designed to explore the magnitude and pattern of injury among high school footballer. It was a cross-sectional survey, conducted among 368 school footballers aged 13–15 year. The survey was conducted in Dhaka metropolitan city in Bangladesh during June and Decemebr 2013. Face to face interview was conducted using a structured questionnaire. About 29% respondents mentioned that they were injured during the last one year. More than 50% injuries were in the forearm, wrist and arm region, 47% injuries were at the knee, ankle and foot area, 45% were in the hip, leg and thigh region and 23% were head, neck and spine region. About 4% injuries were severe, and 36% injuries were moderate in nature. By type of injury 45% were muscle strain, 9.5% torn cartilage, 7.1% concussion, 6.3% fracture, 3.8% ligament sprain and 3.0% contusion. Most of the concussion occurred in injury at head, neck and spine region. Muscle strain also found was very common who injured in head, neck and spine region. Torn cartilage occurred mostly into knee, ankle and foot region. About 30% visited a medical doctor, 17% received treatment from a pharmacy, 6.5% from sports physio. Sports injury is a common health problem for adolescent. Muscle strain, torn cartilage, concussion, fracture, ligament sprain common type of injuries in sports.

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