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PW 2891 Epidemiology of fall injurry among elderly people in bangladesh: findings from national representative survey
  1. Abu Talab,
  2. Fazlur Rahman,
  3. Junnatul Ferdoush,
  4. Salim Mahmood Chowdhury,
  5. Saidur Rahman Mashreky
  1. Centre for injury Prevention and Research Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Background Old age is one of the vulnerable stages in the natural process of life. Fall injury in old age is a public health concern both in the context of developed and developing countries. In Bangladesh, due to improved quality of life the number of people over 60 years is increasing rapidly. This study is to assess the epidemiological distribution of fall injury among the elderly people in Bangladesh.

Methods A countrywide cross-sectional house-to-house health and injury survey was conducted in the year 2016. Sample was collected using multistage cluster sampling. Around 70 000 households were selected and 2 99 216 population were interviewed.

Findings The study results indicated that about 7.6% of total population was from elderly age group (60 years and above). The mortality, morbidity and disability rates due to fall injury among the elderly people found were (87.6;95% CI: 56.7–135.3), (8173.4; 95% CI: 7825.0–8536.4) and (289.09; 95% CL: 227.30–367.60) per 1 00 000 population respectively. The mortality and morbidity rates were found higher among males (100.0; 95% CI: 58.4–171.1), (5724.8; 95% CI: 5338.1–6137.0), whereas disability rate was found higher among females (386.4; 95% CI:281.7–529.9) respectively per 1 00 000 population. The mortality, morbidity and disability rates in urban and rural areas were (106.6, 95% CI:51.6–219.8), (79.95;95% CI:45.21–138.3); (8098.7;95% CI:7463.0–8783.0), (8203.7;95% CI:7792–8635) and (182.68; 95% CI:104.5–319.0), (332.08;95% CI:254.6–433.0) respectively per 1 00 000 population. Most of the injury (about 85.1%) occurred at day time ranging from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and the common occurrence places were yard and veranda (33.55%).

Conclusion Fall is a major cause of mortality, morbidity and disability in elderly people in Bangladesh. Males are more vulnerable than females. Yard or veranda is the most common place and day time is the alarming period for this occurrence. Well planned programs need to be undertaken with adequate resources allocation for the support of the elderly population.

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