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PW 2521 Smart fireman
  1. Sneha Ningappa,
  2. Dhanush Subbaraya
  1. BMS Institute of Technology and Management, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


Nowadays there are many possibilities that a fire can start in an industry or in any remote area. For instance, in fuel storage, shopping malls and hospitals, electric leakages can lead to huge damage. Also, it’s a worst-case scenario, causing heavy losses not only financially but also destroying areas surrounding it. Robotics is the emerging solution to protect human lives and their wealth and surroundings. It is not possible to appoint a person to continuously observe for accidental fire where a robot can do that. Therefore, in such cases smart fireman comes into picture.

The aim here is to design a Fire Fighting Robot capable of detecting and extinguishing fire using a microcontroller. It is able to autonomously navigate while actively scanning for a flame using a magnitude of sensors. The robot acts as a fire extinguisher in emergency. It is also capable of remotely transmitting images using the camera installed in the robot; from within the house fire, allowing emergency services to rescue any victims trapped in the fire.

Robots designed to find a fire before it rages out of control, can greatly reduce the risk of injury to victims. The proposed robot; built with sophisticated, low cost technology makes it affordable by any individual and organization such as schools, hospitals, malls and public transport to name a few. Also, being a portable small form-factor robot allows it greater coverage and helps providing overall better protection.

The project will help working towards a practical and obtainable solution to save lives and mitigate the risk of property damage. It aims to promote technology innovation to achieve a reliable and efficient outcome for a safer society. Experimental work has been carried out carefully. The result shows that higher efficiency is indeed achieved using the embedded system.

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