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PW 2439 A guide to selection of safety, health and environmental key performance indicators in a process industry
  1. Sivasubramanian Ramasamy
  1. Farabi Petrochemicals Company, Jubail Industrial City, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia


Objectives Or goals, or mission statements should be measurable or quantifiable one. Otherwise, a mere qualitative one could be only like a half-truth, similar to the tip of an iceberg. Safety Health and Environmental (SHE) Key Performance Indicator (KPI) shall comprise of the major elements such as baseline data of past performance, references to similar industries KPI on a global scale, appropriate to its business objectives, dynamic and proportionate to satisfy its stakeholders’ expectations. The figures shall be difficult to achieve requiring an extra mile to stretch but shall not be unrealistic or impossible.

Say, an organization ‘A’ wants to achieve Zero Injuries is the best, however, it’s past performance indicate that there were at least one Loss Time Injury (LTI) in every calendar year for the last ten year. Should it be practically achievable? If so, what road map it should follow to achieve? Here comes the comparison with a similar industry performance across the globe.

If global Bench Mark says it is possible, then the organization has to do a gap analysis, identify its strengths and weaknesses and weigh the possibilities of achieving that difficult task. Probably, it could stagger the same objective as a long-term and plan accordingly.

Similarly, Zero Discharge of Effluents, Zero Wastes, Zero that and Zero this are all very fancy to hear but are not quite easy to achieve and to sustain. While the ultimate goal shall be similar to the above, practically a convincing goal setting is best.

What needed is to blend the business objectives, stakeholder engagement and SHE KPI in a very balanced and idealistic manner with measurable quantities for a Responsible Care company by having a clear roadmap.

This paper aims at providing guidelines for a variety of permutation and combinations to help industries at large.

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