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PW 0349 Safety culture; effective strategy for redeeming the image of construction industry: a case study of nigeria
  1. Providence Nwachukwu Akpa
  1. QHSE Services Provyda


Construction industry has earned the reputation of being highly hazardous industry because of the high incidence of accidents and fatality rate. Workers in construction site face constant change in the nature of work, the location of work and the mix of experienced and unskilled workers. Therefore, efficient safety supervision system and a conceptual frame work are required in order to save the image of construction industry. Developing a Safety culture is relevant to achieving this end. This study was based on construction industry. The method adopted for this research was the use of questionnaire through which information were gathered by consultation with construction industry professionals drawing on their practical expertise and experience. The questionnaire was designed focusing on the 11 factors that had been identified by researchers as the influential factors for development of safety culture at work. This study identified leadership as the main influential factor in the development of safety culture in construction, followed by Policy and Safety planning, while Safety and Health committee and training were observed to rank 3rd and 4th respectively. An efficient safety management system ought to be based on the safety awareness that should become a culture in construction industry involving all the parties. The efficient safety culture should be shown to the public as a good value business. Leadership is an essential part of the process of management and it is also an integral part of the social structure and culture of the organization. In addition to providing key skills and knowledge, training can be use to motivate and to modify behaviour and attitudes. Finally, the framework for development of safety culture in the construction industry through leadership, Policy and safety planning, Safety and Health committee and training roles in order to provide a safe working environment, thereby offering a safe and promising workplace were discussed.

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