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PW 2520 End curve with hundred bodies by village health volunteer (VHV)
  1. Yuwatida Pongsawang
  1. Thungyai Hospital, Nakornsrithammarat Province, Thailand


Background Curve with hundred bodies is called Thungyai-Phrasaeng Road which is a two-lane road. There is no pavement and no lights at night. Area with sharp turn located on Moo 6, Tambon Thungsung, Amphur Thungyai, Nakornsrithammarat Province had the highest road accidents statistics during 2012–2014 at 32–58 times per year and 90% of death were local people.

Objective Communities participate in accident prevention resulting in reduction in the number of injuries/deaths from road accidents in risk areas. Methods: Investigate accidents through community participation

Tools Haddon matrix/PAR Results: Village Health Volunteers, local people, are part of road safety working group. As a result, every road accident was investigated. The result of analysis of the causes of injuries led to solutions that can be managed by the community. In the wilderness area by sharp-turn curve, Village Health Volunteer organized the team to forest the pavement every month and provide long-term monitoring. Then bring the analysis results to the responsible agents which leads to pavement adjustment and pavement mount-lighting for night time. Therefore, the number of collisions reduced and there was no death. Name: Village Health Volunteer (VHV).

Results of correction at risk area by interdisciplinary team at Tha Sala Miss Sabay Yeesa, Registered Nurse (Professional Level), Tha Sala Hospital

Introduction Thungnai T-junction is one of risk areas in Tambon Tha Khuen, Amphur Tha Sala, Nakornsrithammarat Province. In 2016, there were 12–15 accidents or average of 1–2 times per month. There was 1 death from people in the village. From this incident, it is the starting point for analyzing the cause of accidents by interdisciplinary team, together with local Sub District Administrative Organization Tha Khuen, Amphur Tha Sala and Sub District Administrative Organization Kra Rho, Amphur Noppitum with the host team, highway, Nakornsrithammart Amphur Noppitum.

Methods Collected information of injuries, deaths and collisions; Conducted road survey to check road conditions; and brought information and presented at the meeting of village headman, headman, 2 Sub District Administrative Organizations and highway Nakornsrithammarat the cause resulted from unclear lines and it is curved shape. There were 3 suggestions to solve the problems: clear markings on the road, make a hazard bar at the junction of the reflector or the barrage, and set the community checkpoint during festive seasons. Results: Since an improvement of the operation of risk area in late October 2016, there were no collisions.

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