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PW 2488 The development of ban kor community’s participation process in preventing road traffic injury at muang district, khon kaen province
  1. Nittayaporn Srihabua
  1. Trauma and Critical Care Center, KhoKaen Hospital, KhoKaen, Thailand


Road traffic injury policies of World Health Organization, Thailand have focused on the baseline data of incidents. It has found that the number of deaths due to road accidents is increasing. In KhonKaen province, there was an average of 400 deaths per year from road traffic injury, with an average of 1–2 deaths and 200 injuries per day.

Objective KhonKaen hospital implemented a program to promote the prevention of injury of the people in Ban Kor community by using a community-centric integration. Encouraging Ban Kor community’s participation to solve community problems, and learn and work together in preventing road traffic injury at Muang district, KhonKaen province.

Method The study was conducted with 1076 people in Ban Kor 3 in Ban Kor sub-district, during January 1 to December 31, 2014. Research team used several tools, such as activity logs to observe and proceed conversations and interviews. There are 6 steps for Participation Action Research (PAR), which was used in this study. 1) Prepare the target community. 2) Find the problems of community. 3) Find solution for the problems. 4) Make a community plan. 5) Implement the plan. 6) Evaluation after the implementation.

Results First, the risk scores of all drivers, motorcycles and car were reduced by 10 points. Second, increases in helmet and seat belt wearing rate were observed. Third, there were no injuries or deaths from road traffic accidents.

Discussion Community involvement made a community to understand their problem, which leads to improved driving behavior, and resulting in reduced injuries and deaths from road traffic accidents. Delivering information to the Ministry of Public Health executives can promote a policy to solve a problem, which should be based on community-based outreach.

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