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PW 2040 Challenge in evaluation of safe community programs with ambulance transport data in japan
  1. Yoko Shiraishi,
  2. Hisato Imai
  1. Japan Institution for Safe Communities, Osaka, Japan


Background Japan doesn’t have a solid data collection system with which communities can diagnose their safety and evaluate efforts for safety promotion. Therefore, communities are required to gather various data and information from different organizations by developing their own systems of data collection and analysis. It often makes communities hesitate to introduce the model of Safe Community.

Purpose This study aims to develop the diagnoses and evaluation model with existing data for the communities which have no solid data collection and analysis system for injury prevention and safety promotion.

Methodology Application reports to become a member of the international Safe Community Network were investigated to see what data sets were collected and analyzed for the diagnoses and evaluation of safety issues in the Japanese communities. Based on the document review, interview survey was conducted to find what information to be collected for better evaluation in addition to the existing data.

Result There are several common data sets which allow the communities to evaluate their efforts for safety promotion. But since most of them are originally not collected and analyzed for injury prevention, the communities often need to ask the data sources to analyze the data to make them enable to evaluate their programs. In addition, they often conduct questionnaire survey to fill the missing information.

Conclusion The ambulance transport data has more information related injury occurrence compared to other data sets at the community level. But the most information which tells us about how injuries occur is recorded in descriptions and not analyzed by the fire department. So, by developing analysis model of ambulance transport data, we became able to use more useful information for the evaluation.

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