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PW 1919 Model development for road traffic injuries prevention and reduction by community participation, ban nai aoa community, moo 7, karaket sub district, chian yai, nakhon si thammarat, thailand
  1. Trirong Kongdee
  1. Ban Tay Talay Health Promoting Hospital, Chian Yai, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand


Road traffic injuries are major cause of mortality and morbidity in Nakhon Si Thammarat province. Incidence of road traffic injuries increased from 5667 cases in 2014 to 6211 cases in 2016. The government has implemented several road safety management, however, the problem still remains. This study aimed to develop road safety model to prevent and reduce road traffic injuries using community participation in the area of Ban Nai Aoa community, Karaket sub district, Chian Yai, Nakhon Si Thammarat. This study is participatory action research. A purposive sampling was applied to recruit key stakeholders into the study which included 18 members of road traffic injuries prevention at local level and evaluation group (60 family health leaders). Data were collected during February to July 2017 by using in-depth interview, observation form, focus group discussion, self-report form and satisfaction questionnaire. Descriptive statistics was used to analyze quantitative data. Content analysis was applied for qualitative data. The study consisted of 4 steps: (1) situation analysis on community context, (2) development of a road safety model, (3) model implementation, (4) outcome evaluation, and (5) critical success factor analysis and lesson learned visualization. As for the result, the model comprised of 7 elements: (1) participation of partnerships, (2) road traffic injuries prevention measures, (3) road safety campaigns, (4) community checkpoint, (5) road traffic surveillance system, 6) community innovation for road safety, and (7) community fund for road traffic injuries prevention. After implementing the road safety in Ban Nai Aoa community, it was found that road traffic injuries was 14.60% reduced and family health leaders were satisfied with the model at high level (mean=3.80). The lesson learned indicates that the success factor is participation among partnerships. Therefore, community participation should be integrated in road traffic injuries prevention and reduction.

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