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PW 1882 Community checkpoint for safety on roads in sub-district administration organization/village/community nong bua lamphu provincial police
  1. Kraisorn Somman
  1. Nong Bua Lamphu Provincial Police, Thailand


Most accidents in the community that occur to children, young people, and the elderly, resulting from lack of traffic discipline; know the law, but do not follow together with culture in the community that makes life simple. Even driving is simple, regardless of traffic rules. As a result, traffic congestion in the community has increased.

Methods Nong Bua Lamphu Provincial Police solved problems by encouraging people to participate in a volunteer traffic, educating and warning people to drive safely. It solved the problem at one point. Roadside checkpoints have been set up in the community with an interdisciplinary network career involvement 1. Choose a community risk point and set up a checkpoint to strictly enforce traffic discipline: blame, warn wrong doers. 2. The volunteer trainers are well trained. They acted as assistant to the official. 3. Apply traffic law to integrate into community environment. Then applied to focus on drunk driving, not wearing a helmet and driving fast (car race) etc. 4. Set the community measures. By making the village community (covenant) enforceable in the community.

Outcome 1. There are measures in the organization of traffic management in the community by the community for the community. To control driving behavior on the road. Taos/village/community Security 3. Community can integrate Enforcement of the law to the community environment. 4. The local community participates in supporting community checkpoints both the budget and manpower. 5. Community traffic management network. 6. Accidents, injured, death road accident in the subdistrict/village/community. Traffic accident statistics Nongbua Lamphu province December 2014–April 2015 Comparison December 2015–April 2016 2015 before 2016 after Increasd decreased # accidents 157 130 0–27 −17.20 Injured 132 106 0–26 −19.70 deaths 40 36 0–4 −10 Summary The community has an accident prevention network. There are measures to enforce traffic laws in the community. Modify driving behavior in the community and the road users are more secure.

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