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PW 0137 Community-based disaster risk reduction management
  1. Danielle G Saique,
  2. Social Worker
  1. CSWDO-Dasmariñas, Cavite, Philippines


Introduction Drowning of children the 3rd leading cause of death in the Philippines. This paper revealed 6000 children die yearly from drowning, 35.6% of ages 0 to 12.

Objectives 1) Decrease vulnerability of children from death by increasing lifesaving capacity. 2) Increase safety nets, preparedness of community leaders in emergencies and natural, man-made disasters in the community and evacuation centers.

Target 75 ‘barangays’ (villages) in Dasmariñas, children, youth.

Methodology City Mayor Office, City Social Welfare and Development Office, City Health Office in their life saving efforts created ‘City Community–Based Disaster Risk Reduction Management’ integrated to barangay councils.

Findings/assessment 1) 2000 children ages 0–12 died from: floods caused by typhoon; flash flood; pail drowning; unguided swimming. 2) Children drowned in floating communities along straits/seashores due to as early as 4 y/o, parents engaged children collect floating plastics as livelihood. 3) Death incident attributes to: poverty, lack of saving life skills, life-saving equipment 4) Lifesaving: lesser effort of adults, communities, schools. 5) National Capital Region, urban poor families reside in shanties at river banks, dams, open canals, creeks. 6) Mindanao, Visayan Regions, families with floating houses at seashores. 7) 75% over 100 million Filipinos survive below poverty, informal settlers in poor communities along rivers, lakes, canals, creeks, open seas.

Conclusion/recommendation Death prevention of children a concern of Stakeholders by emphasizing concerted community participation thru efforts of community/barangay leaders. Organization of community-based structures on disaster risk reduction management is based on human rights and child’s rights as mandated by existing laws. Philippines is obliged to protect more than 35 million Filipino children thru community-based disaster risk reduction management. Hence, a need to maintain and sustain the operations of ‘Barangay Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council’ in order to promote safety in the communities.

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