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PW 2869 A half decade of injured patients on sentinel hospitals, thailand; 2012 – 2016
  1. Kanjanee Dumnakkaew1,
  2. Nitaya Rojtinnakorn2,
  3. Wannee Meehkaud3,
  4. Daoruang Kommuangpuk4,
  5. Anuchar Sethasathien5
  1. 1Ministry of Public Health, Thailand
  2. 2Maharat Nakhon Ratchasima Hospital, Thailand
  3. 3Maharat Nakhon Sri Tammarat Hospital, Thailand
  4. 4Udonthani Hospital, Thailand
  5. 5Thai Health Promotion Foundation, Thailand


The problem to improve the trauma care and accident prevention was the lack of the database. Sentinel Hospitals have been established the injury surveillance system. This study is retrospective data of the trauma patient are admit Dead before arrival (DBA) and dead at ED in 33 trauma center from Injury surveillance system 2012–2016. Which provided sufficient information for analyze to developed the injury prevention program, developed the trauma care system in Thailand. The purposes of this study were analyze the situation and trend of the injured patients. The study shown all injured patients were 8 23 947 cases. The top 5 of Injuries were Transportation injury, Fall, Exposure to inanimate mechanical forces, Assault and Intentional self-harm that represents 47.49%, 19.36%, 15.85%, 7.65% and 2.91% respectively. The top 5 of dead were Transportation injury, Fall, Assault, Intentional self-harm and drowning that represents 60.42%, 12.88%, 7.74%, 7.44% and 3.33% respectively. The most of mortality rate in Transportation injury was 15 to <30 year old (30.81%), Fall was the elderly (49.13%), Assault were 15 to <30 year old (38.83%), Intentional self-harm was 30 to <45 year old (35.12%), and drowning was <15 year old (29.25%). The most problematic incident of injuries and fatality were mainly involved with transportation accident and the topmost of transportation injured patients caused by motorcycle accident (87.35%). The injury surveillance data had shown many aspects of problems that lead to be use for the action to solve the burden problems especially, to prevent an accident and injury, to reduce the severity if accident and improve system of trauma care in hospital. Which ultimate will benefit and serve the people in Thailand.

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