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PW 1314 The national coordination of accident prevention: a mexican red cross effort to reduce deaths, injuries and disabilities caused by accidental injuries in mexico
  1. Pitichi Rivadeneyra López,
  2. Francisco Ramon Mojarro
  1. Mexican Red Cross, Mexico City. Mexico


Almost 5.8 million people die annually from injuries in the world and 15 000 daily. According to official data, in Mexico more than 37 000 people die from accidents annually, being road accidents (RA) the most frequent (43.8%) being the fourth cause of death in the country. In 2015 alone, RA caused 16 039 deaths and 9796 people died due to accidental injuries (asphyxiation, drowning, falls, burns and poisonings). The Mexican Red Cross (MRC), has distinguished itself by its work on prehospital care and in most cases attending accidental injuries. In 2015, the MRC within the framework of its Strategy 2020, which focus is ‘Saving lives, changing mentalities’, seeks not only to continue providing prehospital care, but to bet on injury prevention, which is why the National Coordination of Accident Prevention (NCAP) was created. The Coordination’s purpose is to reduce, through prevention, the impact of accidental injuries on health with actions aimed at reducing risk factors and increasing protective measures, based on scientific evidence, with a comprehensive and multisectoral approach. Currently, the NCAP serves as the governing and operational entity of the Accident Prevention Program (APP); it has a presence in 22 states of the country through state coordinators, who adapt and implement APP actions in their local contexts. With the NCAP and the APP, the MRC seeks to contribute to local and national efforts to reduce deaths, injuries and disabilities due to accidents and under the fundamental principle of ‘humanity’, the NCAP seeks to prevent the human suffering caused by these deaths.

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