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PW 0981 Application of app on mobile device for promoting water safety in taiwan
  1. David B Chen
  1. University of Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan


Background Taiwan, a beautiful island, which locates in East Asia and with many rivers and lakes. Meanwhile, Taiwan had a great reputation for the innovation of digital products. Those perfect conditions make Taiwan become a place where with perfect environment for water activities and perfect technological support to adopt mobile device as the vehicle to deliver water safety information.

Purpose In 2018, based on the app used now, the Sports Administration, Ministry of Education, Taiwan developed many innovated functions and using this app as a vehicle to deliver the knowledge of water safety. The purpose of this study is to introduce these functions of this app. In addition, the Sports Administration, Ministry of Education will initiate the Water Safety Literacy Scale (WSLS) via the app so that the results could be referenced to make drawn presentation policies and drawn death analysis.

Introduction There were three major functions were innovated and topped on the original app. First, since the mobile device has been very popular and could be positioned by the geographic position system (GPS), geographic and environmental push notification was applied. Second, the GPS emergency call button has been established. Once the button has been pushed and connected, the drown accident spot will be automatically positioned. Third, all the water safety material could be accessed via this app, especially the Water Safety Literacy Scale (WSLS) could be conducted through mobile devices so that the big data could be collected and be analyzed.

Conclusion Personalized push notification message could be delivered based on users’ needs. In addition, by understanding the water safety literacy level of users, different push notification content of water safety knowledge will be delivered to users’ mobile device.

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