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PW 0965 A report of the survey on perception of the shanghai traffic management rules on child restraint
  1. Chunyan Peng1,
  2. Minyan Cui1,
  3. Yu Yan2,
  4. Juanjuan Peng2
  1. 1Safe Kids China, Shanghai, China
  2. 2Shanghai Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Shanghai, China


Background In March of 2017, Shanghai issued a new traffic management rules, in which, children under 4 should use a child restraint riding in the family car, but no penalty in this traffic rules for not using a child restraint.

Objective To advocate the law decision makers and executers on law enforcement and implementation, we conduct a survey with the objectives to understand the parental awareness and attitude to the new traffic rules; to explore the public’s attitude on law enforcement and implementation, and to understand the parents’ concerns as well.

Method Questionnaires survey among parents of Shanghainese with children from ages 0 to 12, being conducted by trained interviewers.

Main founding 75% of respondents have family cars, among them, 70% have child restraint, but only 30% of them use every ride. 70% of respondents know the new traffic rules and 89% of them support. 61% of respondents say they will buy child restraint as of law, but 11% say they will see how they law executed for the penalty. 60% of respondents perceive ‘Violations’ will be fined ‘100’yuan is just right, 20% think ‘too slight’. Up to 80% respondents believe 4–8 years old children should continue to use child restraint and 56% respondents support to have it in the law. 46% of respondents need technical supports for installation.

Conclusion Shanghai parents well know of new traffic rules and support and penalty for not using a child restraint. Awareness on child restraint still needs to be highly raised, while law enforcement and implementation is strenuously required.

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