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PW 2834 Community empowerment is the keys success of child drowning prevention experience in phongo sub-distrit, sanom district, surin province
  1. Nattanan Thongsri1,
  2. Suvikorn Lalum2,
  3. Sanguan Phisitram3,
  4. Saen Seepeng3
  1. 1Phongotambol health promoting hospital, Surin, Thailand
  2. 2Phongosubdistrict administrative organization, Surin, Thailand
  3. 3Village Health Volunteer Phongo Sub-District, Sanom District, Surin, Thailand


Background Sanom district has prepared a project to prevent children from drowning and Phongo sub-district are execution plan as well, but in the meantime, prepare. We have children drown up to 2 people. We have a loss as an opportunity from the community the importance of preventing children from drowning. And the action starts in earnest since October 2007.


  1. We search and recruit trainers from all villages have a total of 60 people. Everyone to practice skills, floating in the water to bring back teach children in the community. There are people who can do the number of 52 people.

  2. The trainer taught the children, Grade 4–grade 6 school in Tambon Phongo from all. Using mobile pool 2 day period.

  3. The trainer has surveyed water sources in the community. Water sources, that the children often play together, We have helped to do the fence and hung a sign warning device for helping people fall like rope and plastic bottle

Result We learned that everyone in the community can help protect the lives of children. In later years ,we added protection to children with explanatory information to families with young children. Do Playpen for children to play safely in young childen.

Conclusion To prevent children from drowning in sustainable need to make a continued serious attention on the community or volunteer in community. Because he can communicate the risks to families, awareness and shared responsibility for child care. And he also can create an efficient tracking system. We just need to strengthen the value of working with these volunteers. A way that will lead to sustainability. Rather than support the budget or managed by the government sector alone.

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