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PW 2373 If not floating, children may be drowned
  1. Suprapar wongchanon
  1. Banmuangmoon Health promotion hospital, Tatoom district,Surin,Thailand


January 20, 2016 at 12.00 am, across the dam of the Mun River, BanNongBua, ThaToom district, Surin Province. Grandmother and granddaughter 3.10 years old, they went down to the field next to the orange stump around Mun River which full of water. There are some holes in the pond. But forget about that, there are also other granddaughters. I have to look for my niece. Grandfather frighteningly!! My niece vanished from the vicinity. The love of my life to find a picture that is awesome! My niece falls in the pond beside the Mun River and is swimming. See the hands and arms. Grandfather ran so fast that I jumped into the well, which was a muddy pond about a meter deep. And take your niece up. The grandmother helped her niece. Survived But still not notified. On January 23, 2018, this little nephew had a fever, snoring, coughing, so he came to the doctor, and I had a history record so I got a clear answer to why it came out. I made a swimsuit to survive, and said that the teacher at the funeral had taught to act. ‘I like to swim,’ she told me. I do not dare to go outside the house alone. I do not dare to go with my grandmother. ‘I’m afraid of the neighborhood.’ We find a way to increase the skills, theories, and learning at least once a week to practice floating in water for children. There are teachers who are mentors. The corpse is closely guarded. We do not drown children in the area. On January 25, 2561, he participated in the procurement of teaching materials and materials for the school. He recommended those teachers and lecturers from Sub-district Administration Organization and all the directors. Participants today Everybody is alert to the importance of raising awareness. And care for young children and everyone in the family to prevent drowning. And this year, I myself came to work as a promoter. Training survival swimming program for childrens in school. It is very likely that this work will achieve the purpose that it is intended.No deaths from drowning in children under 15 years may be challenging. They must be tested how long that they can float in the water and helppeople who were drowning in the right way. According to the habits of scientists. I do not want to lose just to improve my children’s knowledge. The sheriff of Thatum District. He was aware of drowning in children <15 years old and synonym to be policy, monitoring for participation from every part. In 2016 we have team from many part to be MERIT MAKER team in BanNongBua Sub-district, a team that can prevent childrens from drowning, They can promotion and have public relations for people and community to realize and concern to prevention childrens from drowning depend on socio-cultural context.

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